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Speakeasy Wine & Spirits offers branding and distribution for distinctive beverages, with brand development for everything Grapes, Grains, Hops and Ciders. Alicia Vargo, CEO and President, has a varied and accomplished career in the Beverage Industry. Her experience runs deep rooted in wholesale. Below is our recent interview with Alicia:


Q: Alicia, tell us something more about Speakeasy Wine & Spirits and your history?

A: Speakeasy Wine & Spirits is an “Out of the Ordinary Brand Development” firm dedicated to assisting wine and spirits suppliers with Importation and Distribution services. We “tailor-make” the programs to fit each supplier’s needs. I am very sensitive to small businesses and growth potential, as I’ve been a small business for over 18+ years. With 20+ years experience on the distribution side. Speakeasy Wine & Spirits, LLC has a clear understanding of what it takes nationally to build a brand, successfully manage distribution and create the brand loyalty necessary in business today. Speakeasy also provides press and media development, graphic design and social media services along with any other PR necessary to create brand recognition.

Q: What advantage does Speakeasy Wine & Spirits have over its competitors?

A: We are not a typical “Broker”, Speakeasy’s services encompass Brand Development, and we are very sensitive typically representing a handful of non-competing suppliers. Most brokers “micro-manage” a distributor behind a desk. Most firms do not host field work, hands on selling and managing distribution. We also encompass the social media, press opportunities, and label design services. We garner national communities and ultimately speak directly to the consumer. We add value to our sales approach. It’s a new world out there, and we change and adapt to the times.

Speakeasy Wine & Spirits, “When You Want The World To Know Your Brand!”

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Q: What are your plans?

A: To continue to grow family owned businesses in the US Market. I have a saying…”when you take a moment to ponder how we assist small businesses in such a meaningful way every single day, our days are well spent!” Speakeasy Wine & Spirits plans to grow the business, add suppliers and personnel throughout the US.

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Q: What makes Speakeasy Wine & Spirits a good choice?

A: We find family owned spirits and wine vendors solid distribution nationally for their brands. We source out the right opportunities in all markets for our suppliers. Our services encompass a well thought out program. We are results oriented and have a network across the country, that assist us with placements and distribution. We Brand Develop, not just “Broker” which makes a big difference in the way we conduct our business. “A monkey can place a brand in a liquor store”, we focus on the follow through, consumer loyalty and repeat buying trends. Speakeasy Wine & Spirits also has a social media database across all of their sites of over 100K+ visitors and an International Bartender following unmatched by any other websites and social media. We are able to reach the ultimate consumer, not just rely on the distributor to place the product in a retail outlet or restaurant.