Consulting, Conduit, Connecting and Compliance Services

Speakeasy Wine & Spirits is recognized as the leader in wine and spirits consulting and marketing services.

We assist you with your vision for the US marketplace.  We consult from start to finish and “tailor-make” our relationship to fit each client’s needs.  Each client’s needs are different.  You may wish to be in one market, regionally or have a national presence.

Speakeasy Wine & Spirits, Managing Partners Chris Stevens and Alicia Vargo have over three decades of experience in wholesale wine and spirits consulting, importation, distribution management, and sales growth. We are wholesale wine experts helping your brand achieve greater brand recognition, distribution, and sales throughout the United States. If you are looking for national representation to achieve greater beverage sales, please contact Speakeasy Wine & Spirits today. Chris and Alicia are looking forward to understanding your vision for your brands.

Spirits and Wine Marketing Strategy

Whether your needs are short term or long term, the key to national sales success starts with an effective marketing strategy for your wine and spirits brands.  Together, we will build a marketing strategy that achieves your particular sales growth and brand goals.  Each client and brand is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.  Rather, we listen to each client’s specific needs and goals, then tailor a marketing strategy specifically for your business.  We will consult and guide you through the process of liquor and wine importation if needed.  Speakeasy Wine & Spirits has the necessary contacts and industry respect to conduct the vital networking to achieve the right placement and presence for your brands.  Give us a call and let Speakeasy Wine & Spirits prove we are your sales and marketing partner to achieve your unique sales and brand goals.

Spirits and Wine Market Development

The market development for your business is contingent upon many factors, including production capacity, brand strategy and ability to deliver.  Our branding strategy and market development strategy also depend upon the quality and price point of your wines and spirits.  All of these factors, coupled with your specific goals and objectives determine how we bring your wines or spirits to market.  Immediate national distribution may be your plan, however, perhaps a more strategic growth strategy will meet your particular manufacturing resources and supply. Many times geo-targeting areas of the country make for a better plan.

Patience and realistic goals are important.  We wish to develop your brand as one that is respected both in terms of your products’ quality and our ability to partner with you. Our experience is often needed to help companies not overextend or have the ambition that results in wasted capital or product.  We ensure you’ve developed a realistic and effective market development strategy for your wines or spirits.  We have hopeful expectations that your brands will grow and thrive with our execution.