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When tackling the “monster” of the US Market, you have many options and “workarounds” when it comes to being successful.  A priority is setting your business up to succeed with importation, compliance, TTB registration, and warehousing options. The US is one of the most stringent, regulated markets in the world.

We are going to take you through the process and your choices:

There are plenty of options, do your due diligence with your research to settle on what is best for your brands:

Some services for warehousing, shipping, compliance:

The above companies can satisfy all logistics, which creates a simple approach to having all the logistics done for you.  Another option is a brand developer who has trusted contacts with importers, warehouses, and distributors. Many have their own salesforce or network of brokers that work with them.

 Other information to keep in mind when choosing an importer, broker or distributor:

Terms of payment by market:

 We suggest a budget for:


 The USA has a three-tier system, importer-distributor-retailer or restaurant:

 Work with distributors across the country, register by state and distributors have preferences of trusted importers. The distributor will refer you to an importer they are familiar with. If you have a national importation license of your own, you can process all state licensing yourself.  This requires time, patience and a lot of paperwork.  Gauge if your time could be better spent on valuable projects focusing on proper placement of your brands. You will need a state by state approval and you will be required to file with each state. Every market is different in their rules and regulations.

Go direct-have a distributor clear and deliver your products. If your brand is pre-sold into chain accounts offering more of the profit margin to the retailer and less to the distributor. Understand the warehousing and delivery fees. Wholesalers typically offer a flat rate per case.  You can also sign on with a warehouse yourself.  Here are a few we have worked with:

Distributors typically pick up on the east or west coast.  They can also pick up in TX but not as frequently as the east or west coast. Distributors prefer to consolidate your order with the other cases they are shipping.


The TTB site is a solid resource for entering the US Market:

U.S. sales of alcohol estimated to reach $166.4 billion in 2019, according to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis.


Ratings and Reviews prior to entering the USA:

It’s a “Dog eat Dog” sea of competition in the landscape of the spirits and wine industry, according to is a great Fast Track approach to garner the respected ratings and reviews your brand needs to launch in the US Market successfully. Find companies that can rank and review your brands with quick turn-around time.  Competitions typically are done by Spring or early Summer with their awards ceremonies.  Many other publications can take many months to review a brand.  A positive review and rating can help launch your brand’s credibility with immediate positive results for placements on retail store shelves and into consumer’s hands.



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