Superior Market Development
The U.S. market is full of potential for your unique brand.
We will fill the sales pipeline with your products.
Effective Distribution Management
Distribution of spirits in the United States can be complicated.
Speakeasy Wine & Spirits will effectively manage your distribution.
Unique Brand Development
What makes your brand & products stand out?
Together, we will develop a brand strategy that sets you apart.
Creative Marketing Strategies
Your products need to stand out from the rest.
Our creative process ensures your true colors show.
Incredible Sales Growth
At the end of the day, it's about one thing: sales.
We will increase your sales & together we'll celebrate.


Spirits, Beer, Wine Importers
Speakeasy Wine & Spirits makes importing liquor into the United States simple. We will take care of the necessary paperwork and permits to ensure your imports are compliant with U.S. laws and regulations.
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Distributor Management USA
Successful distribution requires strategic distributor relationships. With 30+ years experience & industry networking, we ensure you receive effective, efficient distribution of your products.
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National Market Development
Successful sales growth requires industry connections and an effective pull-through strategy.  In-store merchandising and promotion are a must. We excel at liquor sales and market development.
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Speakeasy Wine & Spirits: Liquor Industry Experts
Brand Development, Importation, Distribution & Sales

Wine and Spirits Sales, Marketing & Distributors Management

The liquor sales & distribution experts at Speakeasy Wine and Spirits, centrally located in beautiful Denver, Colorado, are exceptional at one thing: helping liquor, wine and beer brands achieve success in the highly competitive United States liquor market. You need alcohol industry consultants who have a passion for helping liquor brands achieve success in the U.S. We are considered one of the top liquor marketing companies in the United States. Learn more about our wine marketing services.

U.S. Spirits & Wine Importers and Distributors

Development of Liquor Sales and Distribution USA

Speakeasy Wine and Spirits are leaders in the branding, sales and distribution of liquor, wine and beer in the USA. We are industry experts at building your particular brand strategy, arranging efficient liquor importation, acquiring distribution and sales channels as well as implementing your specific branding and brand development strategy.

The Speakeasy Team

Alicia Vargo

Managing Partner

Alicia Vargo

Alicia has a varied and accomplished career in the Beverage Industry. With 25 years experience in wholesale distribution and brand development, her achievements include: Sr. Vice President Beverage Distributors Corporation (now BreakThru) & board member Department of Agriculture.

Chris Stevens

Managing Partner

Chris Stevens

Chris has 10+ years experience in the beverage industry, including distribution & supplier roles at Baroness and as National Sales Director for Nexus Brands, implementing multi-state promotions division, developing chain sales & expanding into Canada and Japan.

Liquor Industry News

US Alcohol Industry

Liquor Industry 101 – How to Do Business in the U.S. Alcohol Industry

October 29, 2017 by Alicia (0) Comments

Doing Business in the US Market The “How to” Guide to navigating the perfect execution the first time. At times my partner Chris Stevens…

Speakeasy Wine and Spirits Sales and Marketing

Wine and Spirits Brand Development, Marketing & Sales

October 28, 2017 by Alicia (0) Comments

Speakeasy Wine & Spirits, LLC, “When You Want The World To Know Your Brand!”  Wine Sales and Marketing Speakeasy Wine & Spirits offers branding and…

Top 10 Wine Brands by Market Share

Top 10 Wine Brands by Global Market Share

October 26, 2017 by Alicia (0) Comments

Top Wine Brands 1.Barefoot (Volume 2016: 22.5m 9l cases) Retaining its crown as the world’s best-selling wine brand, Barefoot’s sales remained steady on 22.5…

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Why People Love Speakeasy Wine & Spirits

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