Wave of the future- 3 Tier System or DTC-Direct to consumer branding

Wave of the future- 3 Tier System or DTC-Direct to consumer branding: wine, liquor wholesaleRelying on the 3-Tier system for the future success of your brands can be like herding cats.  The advantages to hiring a brand development company or broker can be faster placement, but some run into the same challenges you may. Soliciting wholesalers to represent a new, non-established brand that distributors need to build from scratch is not a task they like to take on.  80% of why a distributor would commit to your brands is industry relationships and referrals, 20% are your products.  With as big as the beverage industry is in the US Market, it is actually quite small.  Connections, referrals and “thinking outside of the box” is vital to distributor placement, however it can be a tasking, time consuming process.  So how not to depend on a distributor for your success?  Many call the “wave of the future”, Direct to consumer sales.  Exposure through Wine.com, Amazon.com, Wineexpress.com, Drizzly.com, Reservebar.com, MiniBar.com all can have their advantages, however it is a catch 22.  Your brand needs to be in multiple markets to support their services.  Platforms like Wine of the Month Clubs, and Saloonbox.com are other venues for exposure and promotion of your brands. So as “archaic”  and taxing to a new brand launch, as the 3 Tier system can be, depending on the same distribution network for your success is vital to your product.  Looking at alternative approaches may be the life line of your branding for the future.  You need the best of both worlds in order to be successful, a strong distribution network and a strong marketing strategy that garners the consumer pull through necessary for your brands to grow and thrive.

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