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Liquor Industry Sales & Marketing

Speakeasy Wine & Spirits, LLC has collectively been in the beverage industry for over 30 years providing “Out of the Ordinary Brand Development” for a select group of clients.  We represent a handful of suppliers by choice, which allows Speakeasy WS to provide exceptional customer service including importation services, distributor management, PR/Media management and promo/demo/hand-sell services.  We “tailor-make” our services for each supplier’s individual vision for the future growth of their brands. Speakeasy Wine & Spirits, LLC can manage the US Market, regionally or state specific.  Consider us your “Out-Sourced Supplier Reps” without the payroll taxes nor employee expenses.

Overview of “Tailor-made” services to choose from based on your needs:;

Distribution Management (Regional & National):

  • Pricing & programming with current distribution, ensuring maximum gross profit. This includes analyzing the current business environment and providing a 6 to12-month forecasting calendar around on & off premise.
  • As a brand increases their footprint, we can provide “boots on the ground” to ensure the ‘pull’ necessary for success.
  • Continued focus and ongoing messaging of the personality behind your brands. We will personally conduct market visits, including any requested general sales meetings, work-withs, and staff trainings.
  • PR, Media, Social Media, Label and Brand Development, National Event Coordination, and Wine and Spirit Competition submissions for ratings.
  • Direct to consumer strategies with a National database and an Outstanding database of targeted celebrity Bartenders-Mixologists from around the world.

Sales & Distribution Growth Opportunities

We identify new states to open, based on current relationships and opportunities in each market.  We cover the entire US Market along with our broker network of professionals.  Our clients have access to the additional support system necessary to build their brands.

Promotional Services for Deeper Market Penetration

  • Custom marketing and activation in both on and off premise channels.
  • Setting up on-site tasting events. This will include working with your brand, to identify a budget ($50 per brand ambassador) and scope for each state.
  • In-store execution to ensure sales. Speakeasy W & S will conduct and discuss with distributors and retailers the accuracy of retail activations and execution.
  • Large internal data base and social media breadth to impact consumer awareness. Speakeasy will immediately post and promote your brands to multiple Social outlets.
  • Access to press/media to optimize your brands exposure to the end consumer
  • Access to our in house graphic design & website consultation along with SEO suggestions

Liquor & Spirits Importation Services (Regional & National) *

  • We provide a network of importers that can ensure your brands are available in each state (where required).
  • Consultation services that provide the knowledge you will need to navigate the U.S. alcohol beverage network.

*For non-domestic items

 The “value add” of 2 Partners (Chris Stevens and Alicia Vargo) working on your brands with a broker network, and the boots on the ground is the way we build brands. Execution is quick and steady with the onset of the relationship. We also employ Sales Directors to execute in multiple markets and Hand-sellers and Demo/Event employees.


Liquor Industry Website Design and Development

Speakeasy Wine & Spirits provides custom website design and development services for liquor brands.  Our exclusive relationship with the nations premier website designer and developer saves you money and ensures you receive a custom, responsive website that conveys your brand identity to the correct target market.

Speakeasy Wine & Spirits Provide Our Clients Superior Website that Achieve:

  • Better Rankings
  • More Website Visitors
  • Higher Conversions (leads)
  • Greater Sales & Profits


Warmest wishes from the Speakeasy Wine & Spirits Staff,

Alicia Vargo-Managing Partner – Speakeasy Wine & Spirits



 Chris Stevens -Managing Partner – Speakeasy Wine & Spirits






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